Digital Natives

Digital natives

16 thoughts on “Digital Natives

  1. A nice comic about the topic.

  2. I think this is a nice academic article on the importance of technology in our educational field. I think the ideas in this article such as the idea of digital natives and digital immigrant students need to be taught in all universities.
    In short I can say articles of this kind are so inspiring and so convincing.

  3. The strange thing I notice is that this article was written in 2001 . from 13 years and we as teachers insist to use the old methods . I think if we donot use technology in teaching our children we will not only become the immigrants for them we will become aliens who live on a different planet away from them.

  4. I think that we learnt a lot from this topic. Unless we change our old method of teaching and our old ways of dealing with our sons and daughters, we won’t find a way of dealing or talking with them. We should learn to speak their digital language to be able to understand them. We can’t live as immigrants for a long time otherwise we won,t be able to help and guide them.

  5. This a very expressing article. It motivates teachers and pushes them forward to cope up with the modern technology.I really loved it and felt frightened at the same time.

  6. This article reminds me of “Azahiemar” the Egyptian film for Adel Emam. When he woke up one day and found in his house a lot of people that he does not any thing about them .So we should do our best. know everything around us and benefit from it and use it to maximize our potentials .


    Exploring how digital technology can support young people to engage socially and economically in their communities.

    “The race is on to re-engage young people in building an inclusive, healthier, more equal and economically viable society.
    But changing times need fresh thinking and new solutions. It is essential that we find new, more effective approaches to addressing these persistent social and economic challenges.

    Digital technology offers all of us the opportunity to engage young people in new, more meaningful and relevant ways and enable their participation in building a more resilient society.
    We recognize that there is no single solution; many different strategies are needed to support young people. What is going to work? ”

    In short
    * Be demand driven
    * * Provide context
    * * * Support conversation
    * * * * Build capacity & skills
    * * * * * Collaborate with the community

    A simple story, but a complex strategy

    I think we have been talking about using technology without any changes. Perhaps in 2050 the implementation will come.
    I hope that every one starts with himself, his class, his students, his student’s parents, his school and his governorate. If every teacher does his best to be trained and be able to use technology in teaching, the whole community will be changed faster than we expected.

  8. we need a revolution on our education system
    we need to build it from the beginning. all the world is on side and we are on the other side

  9. We need a new minded people because the current stuff refuse any new steps to improve the education because they will lost their benefits, the important thing is change the people and then every will be easy.

  10. After reading Marc Prensky’s article ” Digital Native , Didital Immigrants ” I rememderd old wisdom said ” Don’t educate your children as your parents done with you , because their time will be totally differnt ” . As a result of the technology revelution which spread in all aspects of life , teachers must line with the modern electronic,web and digital experiences to be part of the “Educational Globalisation ” and Play an influential role in communicating with a generation less what we described as a “Generation speed ” .

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