Walaa’s Post



Dear Dr Mary,

 Thank you so much for your great effort. Your support gave me a high level of self confidence and I’ve gained a great experience through this course.

-I learnt about the idea of flipped classrooms and I intend to use it with my students. It gives the chance to use technology in teaching. It is suitable for all kinds of learners. I will ask my students to watch a video related to the curriculum or  to their real life and ask them to answer some questions that support critical thinking and I will try to use Bloom’s Taxonomy to apply all kinds of thinking skills.

– I also knew more about blogs and wikis. I will introduce my blog in an exciting and amazing way to my students to encourage them to share their ideas and experiences with me. I will also post some sheets and ask the students to blog in and answer or share them.

– I learnt about Animoto. I like it. I will teach the students how to use it and I will ask them to make videos that reflect their level of understanding the curriculum. I will ask them also to make some videos that contain some wonderful photos of us to be a good memory. I will use it in the future to share some joy with my students.

-I also learnt about other useful tools from my colleagues like; comic book creator, powtoon , flash cards creator and digital storytelling, which I admired a lot and I will try to teach the students how to use some of them.

-Last but not least Google forms. This tool gives the opportunity to apply new ways of assessment. I will use it to create a new exams’ atmosphere.

Finally. I think the next year will be different than all the previous years because course (502) with you and all my colleagues changed me and I will try to make a change in the educational process.




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