A Worth Reading Post: A Reflective Summary

Because our world is changing at a very rapid pace and the needs of the workplace are evolving, in my point of view it was very important for us to discuss in the course how to link the education that our students are receiving with the essential 21st century skills that students need in order to succeed both as students, and later as members of the workforce. I found this topic of great benefit for me to implement it in my class.

As for the web 2.0 tools, I like “Powtoon” and “animoto” as they are interactive easy-to-use tools. I think they would be great tools that my students can use to create trimester projects on the different history or geography lessons they learn. I like that they can use different types of media through these tools such as videos, pictures and animations.

I also like the “storybird” tool as it is also very engaging to students. They can use this tool to summarize any history lesson they learn in their own way, create a story from their own imagination or recreate a story they read then share it with others.

Moreover, “Google forms”, “Hot Potatoes” and “Quizlets” could be very beneficial for me in creating interactive quizzes for my students.

Finally, I realized the imperative need for teachers to create their own blogs for their life-long professional development. Personally, I am planning to use my blog on “WordPress”  in writing about my readings that I go through and the useful websites that I visit.

Last but not least, I learnt various things in this course thanks to Ms.Mary and my dear colleagues. You were an asset to the class as you enriched the sessions with your different experiences and knowledge in different fields. I believe this would have not been possible without the appropriate flexible classroom atmosphere that Ms.Mary has created. 🙂

The class was a positive addition to my experience. Hope to c u all soon.

One thought on “A Worth Reading Post: A Reflective Summary

  1. Wonderful post Thanks

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