I can’t believe what I can do now.

        Now I have my own blog  which my students can visit . I also will have an Edmodo account  which is my favourite tool from all we have learnt . I communicate with my students via facebook but it is not  an educational tool there are ads which I don’t want also I feel it’s more social than educational – sometimes I ask them to write a comment about a post I made they reply happy birthday to you Mrs Ghada  – I saw how teachers all over the world  communicate with students and the most important I learnt how to update my teaching  and how to become a part of my students’ life how to be a technological native not immigrant thanks to you Dr Mary .


  • I liked Hot potatoes because it helps me to have good and fast worksheets and exams .
  • Also the Flash card creator is very important  for designing cards for lessons
  • Powtoon is also very creative programme to make presentations accompanied with animation and photos.It is so good for my primary stage students .

I learnt , I enjoyed , I spent a useful time , Thank you Dr Mary and all my colleges .



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