My Favourite web 2.0 tool

blog image

        My favorite tool is the blog, because I could express my own ideas in it.  My blog is about an English Magazine that is an activity in it I can share my students various ideas and experiences. The blog is very suitable for such a kind of activities, it shows them more interesting and funny, by this way it will attract my students to follow it and share with their ideas and comments.
The blog is a very easy tool to interact with my students, it doesn’t need any complex procedures to make them understand my target and like it, they will be excited to know more about it and try to make individual contributions in it to satisfy their desires of sharing and expressing their own opinions. Competition will play a big role in their sharing in blog especially as it is an activity of various subjects that they like and interested in.
The blog gives my students chance to search, analyze and develop their skills of reading and writing that will help me as a teacher during class, they will be aware of more subjects than they have as curriculum.
I intend to use it in my class by telling my students about it and explain them its targets and try to encourage them to share me in it by their items and comments.
My blog is about activity and activity worth is 20 marks in their evaluation, I’ll tell them they will get the twenty marks by their sharing if they like it. Every thing they do in it will be appreciated to give them trust to continue, if they like to share me they have choice to make it as their activity evaluation.
I liked also the Wiki as a group work in which we exchanged our knowledge and experiences. By the wiki I made new friends who are very wonderful.

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