Unforgettable course

Dear Dr. Mary,

I can’t really find kind words to express my happiness, thankfulness, appreciation and gratefulness to you for your great efforts with us during the course. you give us a lot of important information in a simple and easy way to apply in our classes in the coming year.

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From the beginning till the last session, I never forget the co-operative spirit among my kind colleagues. For me, I gain great experience from all and each item we have in the course.

1- From the 4 videos concerning “flipped classrooms” (Khan Academy)


 It is also a reliable way to evaluate our pupils and determine the weak ones or those who have trouble in learning. It helps tutors to determine who the profession is also even the ones who are working on it. I’m going to appeal and allow each student to work on own pace because there are some students were taking for so relatively more in understanding a certain point otherwise another concept, so I will follow these students in everything.



We need to move on to the exercises on the Internet, watch videos, interact with the integration of simulated laboratories, and education through games.  I benefited as possible from the flipped classroom that mixes between education via the Internet and traditional education, the results will be amazing.



From my point of view, it is possible to apply this project and that Egyptian child is specially one of the smartest kids in the world. We can apply it in the poor areas in the villages, hamlets and Upper Egypt, as these areas deserve from us attention and accessible to raise the level of education.



 If you want to attract children to the education system (it seems illogical clearly) that you need like education, education is needed means cajole and intimidate not attract any and not impose .This is the idea of ​​the curriculum in these cities in these special circumstances

5- Comments about “the differences between digital natives and digital immigrants”. 


Digital technology offers all of us the opportunity to engage young people in new, more meaningful and relevant ways and enable their participation in building a more resilient society. It is essential that we find new, more effective approaches to addressing these persistent social and economic challenges.   

6-  As well as I totally enjoy with what I have learnt about the blog, wiki, Google docs,  Popplet and all the inserted videos during each session. I  will use my blog during the coming year with my students , ask them to watch videos about their curriculum, answer worksheets to assess their level of understanding, to learn  some grammar rules from attractive presentation and answer forms about their lesson. Many things will be changes than before. I’m sure that the next year and my students will be different from the previous years.  These are samples of my contributions and participation in the course.

Picture7Picture8Picture9reading companionhot potatoes

It’s a pleasure for me to learn how to upload all what I want on my own blog, wiki or Google docs and share my students with them online. It’s a great method to save time and efforts inside t.he class and give me an opportunity to interact much better with my students with more practice.

Instead of sitting on Facebook all day and night chatting and waste their time, they will sit on the computer but to gain information, learn more, watch videos concerning their curriculum, answer, write comments to their friends and to me, search for additional information, make a research about one item, … etc.

1- click here to browse the blog of living in the desert.

2- click here to browse the blog of Miss Mary Atif.

3- click to browse my group wiki about Information, Media and Technology Skills.

4- click here to sign in reading companion.

5- click here to browse Hot Potatoes site.

6- click here to browse our group presentation about comix stories.

7- click here to watch our popplet about web 1.0 and 2.0.

8- click here to see examples about funny comic stories 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5.

Picture13 Picture11 Picture12

It pleases me so much that I get more  benefits from wiki and blog not only in this course of ETCT 502, but also in my project in ETCT 501 that I can make another blog concerning our group subject ” living in the desert” and I use the Google docs, forms and hot potatoes exercises. It’s really great.

7- In addition, I learnt web 2.0 tools. I liked forms, comic stories, edmodo, animoto,  digital story telling, flash card creator, story bird, powtoon, print screen shot and hot potatoes.

Picture18 Picture14 Picture15 Picture16 Picture17

Soon, I will use the comic book, flash card creator and powtoon through my preparation to the lessons. As I find that we have some stories in the curriculum which are difficult for the students to imagine or understand easily. So , I think with these attractive tools, I can make their stories funny , with pictures, animated motions , in a new and modern way, easy to imagine and understand, to adapt their way of digital native and not to be digital immigrants any more   .

I liked  hot potatoes and print screen so much as  they are very useful for visual learners and make the lesson more attractive for them especially the young learners who don’t like any assessments.I can make multiple choice, match, fill in gaps, complete and crossword questions for my students not traditionally but in a modern way. I’ll try to use these tools with my students in the class and they’ll like them very much. Also I know that my students will observe that they will learn in a different way not like any previous year, they will use the computer more in learning not in playing. they will have different home work via email or on the class blog or wiki. the will comment on each other…etc

8- The most important value is the way of teaching not just the materials and the tools. As I learnt from you: –

  1. How to be more organized in the period of the lesson as you did with us.

  2. Prepare a detailed agenda for all events that will happen in the lesson.

  3.  Give my students some information and let them practice together to learn from each other.

  4. Let them ask me some questions related to the subject and not waste the time in any unrelated matter.

  5. Also if there isn’t much time , they can , one by one, have small break and the rest complete their work.

  6. As well, I can make competition between them like two groups’ competition, to enhance their understanding and try to scaffold their level. 

  7. I try to apply Bloom’s taxonomy in my explanation just like you do with us in a wonderful way.

  8. I should consider the spirit of joy, simplicity, respect, honor, reverence, courtesy, friendliness, softness, grace and gentleness between my students.

  9. In addition, I should follow them in each step, sole anyone’s problem, encourage the good students and help and support whom they need help.

  10. Last but not least, I should ask gently for my assignment every lessons, check the attendance, ask about the absent students, when I explain any point I shouldn’t embarrass any one. 

And many valuable actions that I learnt from you concerning teaching and learning inside the classroom.


How great, kind, gentle, smart, supporter, encouraging and soft you are.

How thankful, grateful, owe gratitude, appreciative, beholden and obliged I am.

Mary Atif Malak

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