We can teach as fast as things change


I learned more than I expect

we must be in line with the quick steps of technology world wide , and encourage our students to share and collaborate their ideas  , so we must develop our ability to approach this electronic generation and go along with their growing knowledge ,so I create this technology platform ( Blog ) http://aymanabdwahab.wordpress.com/ . I have  already a Facebook page and a school educational page  (https://www.facebook.com/gawadhosniels),but in fact I like the idea of being connected and visible in many technological platforms . I plan to make this ( blog ) a communicative gate for students and parents to study , learn , watch their educational stories and dramas . all of all to share their ideas and express their educational needs and be updated with this accelerating glob. I learned how to create wiki  (http://englishnovelsataleoftwocities.wikispaces.com/) and create many applicationson Google doc (https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1qCb9QREO0j1u8li8FumouCyVIQH_-898b6LOVbiQwi4/edit#slide=id.g18a5a93cf_010)

I invite you all to think of how this effect teaching and learning.finally I’d like to thank Dr/ Mary Victor for both her patient ,tolerant spirit which mixed with her hopeful smile that inspire confidence in her learners and her punctuality and way of teaching. I invite you all to  visit this web site and enjoy creating your own technology platform