Hamdi’s post

Dear Dr Marry
Dear colleagues
I am really glad that I have had this wonderful great course ” course 502″ which was taught by Dr.Marry.Thank you Dr. Marry for all your great efforts with us. We have learnt a lot of useful concepts and practised a lot of useful tools.I enjoyed designing wiki and blog. I intend to use the blogs and share it with my students and my colleagues.I liked the idea of flipped classroom.I think I will upload Instructional Media to the blog and ask my students to watch them and discuss them later in the classromm or write comments on them as Dr Marry did.I will try to use powtoon for designing live videoes.I will use hot potatoes and google forms for designing quizes and tests to enhance self learning I will try to encourage my colleagues to join this awesome professional diploma in AUC By showing them all what I have learned through the Training unit in our school.
Hamdi Eid