Thanks, Ms Mary Victor

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I really enjoyed what we did


In fact I have always been dreaming of applying modern technology into my class. I think I am on the right track as I acquired new concepts and ideas through The Professional Educator Diploma ETCT 502 Course.

Well, I learned how to use variable tools starting from the blog and ending by the wiki. I cannot forget Khan Academy about which I already told math teachers at my school. The flipped classroom which, I am sure, my students will enjoy. I learnt how to create a pooplet. Designing a form was something I have been looking for since long time, so now I can send my homework by e-mail to my students asking them to type their answers. Students will enjoy this of course as they hate holding pens, It is the nature of the digital natives. If I want to take my students’ opinion, my direct destination will be

Well, It was a very rich course. I learned a lot not only from our excellent instructor but from my dear colleagues as well. Sincere thanks and gratitude to all who shared in this course.