My colleagues in ETCT 504

Dear all,

First, I want to tell Dr. Mary  that ” All of us really miss you so much and remember each day, each word and each situation with you”. We all hope you a successful life and God will be with you in your studying and get the best grade.
I would like to share our photos in ETCT 504 during our class and our group work.
I hope all of us a successful course.

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Unforgettable course

Dear Dr. Mary,

I can’t really find kind words to express my happiness, thankfulness, appreciation and gratefulness to you for your great efforts with us during the course. you give us a lot of important information in a simple and easy way to apply in our classes in the coming year.

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From the beginning till the last session, I never forget the co-operative spirit among my kind colleagues. For me, I gain great experience from all and each item we have in the course.

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