Noha’s lessons learned

        Thanks a  lot Dr. Mary for your simple way of teaching ,your friendly character and nice spirit. You make me love technology more than before so, I owe too much to you. You show us the way to begin a new period in our career and change our point of view towards the teacher’s role in the 21st century.  You guide us to watch some useful educational videos which get us many information and experiences .You taught me new concepts for learning as life long learning and using technological items that are relevant to the fast life nowadays.

       I learned many things through this course 502 . I learned how  to make blogs  , wikis …..etc  to contact easily with my students , colleagues and parents. I also learned to think well of  Bloom  Taxonomy and use it well to assert my lessons. I learned new ways of assessment  that  make me update to the fast changement in the world and to use technology to be relevant to life.  I learned more about flipped classroom. I love it and i ‘ll try to use it in the future.   I can’t forget technological tools as: Animoto, digital storyteller , comic books , Powtoon , web 2.0 and hot potatoes. I liked Quizlet and flashcards the best because it is easy and useful  so,I have my presentation about this subject.


images111      300px-Web_2_0_Map_svg

       Finally, I am very happy to meet you all . Thanks to you all and especially for my lovely Dr. Mary Victor.