We are grateful


Dear Dr Mary

First of all I would like to thank you Dr Mary for your great effort exerted with us. Really, we learned too much information and gained a lot of knowledge and experience from this course. We need to say that without your help and your friendliness , we would have gained nothing.

As a secondary teacher. I meet many problems with my students along the school year. Among these problems; shortage of time, how to be innovative and creative in presenting the lessons and how to attract my students’attention and engage them. After this interesting course, I think that it will be different.

Till now I still remember the four videos we watched in the beginning of the course especially A hole in the wall and MOOCs. I was affected by the idea of flipped classrooms and I am sure that I will apply it in order to save time and to engage my students into learning.

Concerning the tools and software programs that we learned, in my opinion, I think that all of these tools are helpful and useful. If I am talking about the tool that I liked most, I will mention Online video creator maybe because I worked on its presentation with my lovely friend, Walaa. I liked this tool very much and of course I will start using it from now to prepare many attractive presentations for different lessons.

Besides this wonderful program, I admired all of the tools presented in the final session and I intend to explore and apply all of them for example:

  • Edmodo : I think that this program is so helpful especiall with sec. stage
  • Flash card creator : is a creative tool for designing cards for lessons
  • Google forms : I liked it very much and I will make use of it in preparing exams in an innovative way
  • Hot potatoes : I intend to use it also to prepare worksheets and exams for my students, I think that it will make it easier for me.
  • keepvid : I need to download videos for plays and novels that I teach so, I will depend on this program as it will help me.
  • Powtoon: I liked it so much and I will use it to make presentations accompanied with animation and photos.

In addition, I have to talk about my blog that I created with your help, Really I liked it so much and I am going to create more posts in order to include all the syllable items. Of course, it will help the students at their homes to find a reference that help them at any time.

Finally, I want to thank you again Dr Mary for this interesting course. I need to say that I learned from the the way of managing and dealing with the session. I mean teamwork and being helpful and friendly with us. I am looking forward to meet you again in another course. 

With my best wishes