what I learn from this course

Thank you very much Dr.Mary for your great effort. we got a lot of information from this course. Really I was an immigrant and I’m going to be a native by using the different ways of technology in teaching my students. I admired the blog and I decided to start using it with my students even during the holiday to prepare them for next school year. The teaching tools which we discuss in the last session enlarged my concepts and ideas about the ways of teaching that we use inside our classes. The most tools that I admired are Edmedo and the comics I think that I could use Edmodo with my students to evaluate them, listen to their opinions and discuss the current events with them. It also give me the opportunity to communicate with their parents and discuss any problem with them to find solutions.I believe that there should be co-operation between the teachers and the parents. Using comics is very beneficial because it helps us to criticize many actions in a funny way.It helps us to make learning a funny and interesting thing.I enjoyed this course withe my clever colleagues and our great instructor.

I wish the Egyptian educator as a page to remain with all the sessions to be a reference for us if we forget anything and to communicate with you and with our colleagues.