Thanks, Ms Mary Victor

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New Digital Era with Web 2 tools. Thank you Dr Mary our Great Teacher ! Mohamed Elhaw

We have learned a lot from Dr Mary. she has successfully involved us in the designing and planing environment and encouraged us with her energetic and loving spirit and this is,I think, the most important element that empowered all learners in the class.
Her excellent way of teaching made us to learn through doing and practice in a co-operative and collaborative atmosphere.
starting with showing us videos and asking learners to comment on them was an excellent start that attracted all learners and gave them enthusiasm to go further into a world of an attractive technology-based experiences of teaching and learning.
What I liked most about the course is the way of teaching that tended to make a balance between the role of the teacher and that of the learner.we have got,indeed, the opportunity to be active learners involving in the learning process.
I have liked all teaching tools we learned during the course especially those using multimedia and interactive tools.
wikis and blogs are excellent learning tools that facilitate communication and collaborative skills that are needed in the 21 st century.
One of excellent tools i liked is Quiz maker.this software allows you to enrich tests with additional info slides and multimedia content including audio, video, images and formulas
I love iSpring because We want to teach. We want to train. We want to communicate. We want to educate. We don’t want to program computers.
With iSpring Quizmaker you can generate interactive Flash quizzes with multimedia and branching. I have used this tool to create interactive tools online enriched multimedia. with the help of this tool one can dive into all the advanced features for e-Learning development provided by iSpring Learn.this link gives you more information.

this is the link of the software

I can’t believe what I can do now.

        Now I have my own blog  which my students can visit . I also will have an Edmodo account  which is my favourite tool from all we have learnt . I communicate with my students via facebook but it is not  an educational tool there are ads which I don’t want also I feel it’s more social than educational – sometimes I ask them to write a comment about a post I made they reply happy birthday to you Mrs Ghada  – I saw how teachers all over the world  communicate with students and the most important I learnt how to update my teaching  and how to become a part of my students’ life how to be a technological native not immigrant thanks to you Dr Mary .


  • I liked Hot potatoes because it helps me to have good and fast worksheets and exams .
  • Also the Flash card creator is very important  for designing cards for lessons
  • Powtoon is also very creative programme to make presentations accompanied with animation and photos.It is so good for my primary stage students .

I learnt , I enjoyed , I spent a useful time , Thank you Dr Mary and all my colleges .



Unforgettable course

Dear Dr. Mary,

I can’t really find kind words to express my happiness, thankfulness, appreciation and gratefulness to you for your great efforts with us during the course. you give us a lot of important information in a simple and easy way to apply in our classes in the coming year.

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From the beginning till the last session, I never forget the co-operative spirit among my kind colleagues. For me, I gain great experience from all and each item we have in the course.

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A Worth Reading Post: A Reflective Summary

Because our world is changing at a very rapid pace and the needs of the workplace are evolving, in my point of view it was very important for us to discuss in the course how to link the education that our students are receiving with the essential 21st century skills that students need in order to succeed both as students, and later as members of the workforce. I found this topic of great benefit for me to implement it in my class. Continue reading

My Favourite web 2.0 tool

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        My favorite tool is the blog, because I could express my own ideas in it.  My blog is about an English Magazine that is an activity in it I can share my students various ideas and experiences. The blog is very suitable for such a kind of activities, it shows them more interesting and funny, by this way it will attract my students to follow it and share with their ideas and comments.
The blog is a very easy tool to interact with my students, it doesn’t need any complex procedures to make them understand my target and like it, they will be excited to know more about it and try to make individual contributions in it to satisfy their desires of sharing and expressing their own opinions. Competition will play a big role in their sharing in blog especially as it is an activity of various subjects that they like and interested in.
The blog gives my students chance to search, analyze and develop their skills of reading and writing that will help me as a teacher during class, they will be aware of more subjects than they have as curriculum.
I intend to use it in my class by telling my students about it and explain them its targets and try to encourage them to share me in it by their items and comments.
My blog is about activity and activity worth is 20 marks in their evaluation, I’ll tell them they will get the twenty marks by their sharing if they like it. Every thing they do in it will be appreciated to give them trust to continue, if they like to share me they have choice to make it as their activity evaluation.
I liked also the Wiki as a group work in which we exchanged our knowledge and experiences. By the wiki I made new friends who are very wonderful.