A friendly course

These are some photos when we are together in the lab in ETCT 502 diploma in summer course 2014 with our friendly instructor Dr. Mary Victor.

 ETCT 502-4

The Most Fantastic Experience

 I would like to thank everyone, our great instructor Dr. Mary Victor, my kind colleagues and whom are the reason to meet together in this course.

ETCT 502-2

NOW, I’m proud that I have chosen this track of diploma of ETCT. I hope to meet together in another course. I miss all of you.

عرض Dear Dr Mary

I , myself, got a wonderful experience that will change my methods of teaching English as well as my concepts. Creating a blog. making a Google form  , a wiki and mastering technological items were beyond my thinking. Now, you put us on the right way to start a new era of our career as effective and creative teachers or facilitators. I also found challenging miracles in my colleagues’ final presentations such as;Edmondo, Animoto, Yamli, Powtoon and Keepvid about which I have never heard.I will try to try most of them to set up a strong base on which I will stand and make teaching and learning more enjoyable and fruitful . Actually,I working on my Blogs to fit my students’ needs . I will make my class a cyber one  ,that’s to say;I will put all my teaching items online to be dealt with easily . Thank you Dr Mary . Thank you all my colleagues.