Neveen’s lessons learned



Dear Dr. Mary,
If I gather all good words for you they aren’t enough. Learning from you has been a pleasure . We were very lucky that you taught us The Professional Educator Diploma ETCT 502 Course .
I have learned many useful concepts from this wonderful course  through watching the first 4 videos such as the flipped classrooms & MOOCS ” Massive Open Online Courses ” . I  ‘ve  learned that we should integrate technology in teaching . We have taken a practical application of various technologies , specifically web 2.0 tools . Moreover , I ‘ve learned to utilize the technology in planning & delivering the lesson according to my needs & goals .I should try to equip my students for the 21st century .Also , the using of technology makes lessons relevant to reallife situations so I have to use technology .

We learned about many wonderful Technological tools such as blogs and I have my own blog which I will try to use with my students , Wiki , Animoto , Digital story telling ,Edmodo ,Google forms , Hot potatoes , Powtoon , wix , story bird and Flash card creator .


My favourite tool is Flash Card creator ” Quizlet” I like it because it is useful & helpful for the students and teachers as well.

It’s fun and simple:Millions of students use Quizlet, to study everything from languages to science to history.
– It helps students to test themselves .
– It helps student to Collaborate with other students .
– It helps teachers to create tests and worksheets .
– It helps teachers to make Competition and high scores .
– It helps teachers to Collaborate with other teachers.
– It saves time and effort .
I intend to use it in my own class as I knew how to create one .

Finally , I think that …..
This tool is a great way for students to make their own flashcards, or use teacher made ones. I love all of the options for using them: spelling, listening, testing, and games.