New Digital Era with Web 2 tools. Thank you Dr Mary our Great Teacher ! Mohamed Elhaw

We have learned a lot from Dr Mary. she has successfully involved us in the designing and planing environment and encouraged us with her energetic and loving spirit and this is,I think, the most important element that empowered all learners in the class.
Her excellent way of teaching made us to learn through doing and practice in a co-operative and collaborative atmosphere.
starting with showing us videos and asking learners to comment on them was an excellent start that attracted all learners and gave them enthusiasm to go further into a world of an attractive technology-based experiences of teaching and learning.
What I liked most about the course is the way of teaching that tended to make a balance between the role of the teacher and that of the learner.we have got,indeed, the opportunity to be active learners involving in the learning process.
I have liked all teaching tools we learned during the course especially those using multimedia and interactive tools.
wikis and blogs are excellent learning tools that facilitate communication and collaborative skills that are needed in the 21 st century.
One of excellent tools i liked is Quiz maker.this software allows you to enrich tests with additional info slides and multimedia content including audio, video, images and formulas
I love iSpring because We want to teach. We want to train. We want to communicate. We want to educate. We don’t want to program computers.
With iSpring Quizmaker you can generate interactive Flash quizzes with multimedia and branching. I have used this tool to create interactive tools online enriched multimedia. with the help of this tool one can dive into all the advanced features for e-Learning development provided by iSpring Learn.this link gives you more information.

this is the link of the software


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